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Pletronics Inc. is a USA based manufacturer of high quality frequency control products in thru-hole and surface mount packages. Pletronics makes Crystals (for microprocessors and communication equipment),crystal oscillators (CMOS, TTL, PECL & LVDS) Clock oscillators, OCXO (oven controlled crystal oscillator), VCXO (voltage controlled crystal oscillator), TCXO (temperature controlled crystal oscillator), and TCVCXO (temperature compensated voltage controlled crystal oscillator).

Pletronics Inc. TCD4 Series TCVCXO Crystal Oscillators feature a temperature compensated voltage controlled crystal oscillator with a clipped sinewave output. The Pletronics Inc . TCD4 Series TCVCXO Crystal Oscillators package is designed for high density surface mount designs, features a range of 10 to 26 MHz, and comes in a 3.2 x 5 mm. LCC ceramic package



Pletronics LV5545KEW-155.52M
Pletronics LV7720DESV-155.52M
Pletronics LV7744DEV-125.0M
Pletronics LV7745DEV-155.52M
Pletronics LV7745DEW-200.0M
Pletronics LV7745DV-100.0M-T250
Pletronics LV7745DV-155.52M
Pletronics LV7745GEV-50.0M

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