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Porto-Power, a division of Shinn Fu Company of America, Inc (SFA), stands out as a leading distributor of hydraulic lift equipment in the US and Canada. Over the past 40 years, SFA has established a reputation for quality and service, reflecting its commitment to excellence in marketing, sales, service, and distribution across North, Central, and South America.

SFA's diverse divisions include BVA Hydraulics™, Omega Lift Equipment®, Hein-Werner Automotive, Porto-Power Blackhawk Automotive, and Pro-Lift® DIY products. Beyond distribution, SFA plays a critical role in engineering, research, and product design, ensuring that its manufacturing facilities meet market demands. The company's dedication to quality is evident in its ISO 9001:2000 Certification, obtained in March 2008, which underscores its rigorous operational processes and policies.

Manufactured in ISO-9000 certified factories, Porto-Power's lifting products and winches meet industry standards such as ASME/ANSI. The Shinn Fu Group's innovative designs, protected by numerous US patents, highlight its focus on innovation and quality. With competitive pricing and a commitment to maintaining high design standards, Porto-Power continues to provide reliable hydraulic solutions to its customers. Located near Kansas City International Airport, SFA's 100,000-square-foot facility includes warehouses, testing facilities, offices, and product showrooms.

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