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Powertip, headquartered in Taichung, Taiwan, has established itself as a leading manufacturer of small to mid-size full color TFT and monochrome displays, along with resistive and capacitive touch panels. With production facilities in Taiwan and Nanjing, China, Powertip caters to diverse industries including medical, industrial, automotive, consumer, white goods, communications, test and measurement, and gas pumps/parking meters.

Since its inception, Powertip has specialized in delivering high-quality display solutions, leveraging advanced manufacturing capabilities such as Surface Mount Technology (SMT), Chip-On-Board (COB), Chip-On-Glass (COG), Chip-On-Flex (COF), Tape Automated Bonding (TAB), and screen printing.

Their comprehensive production process involves taking Mother Glass, scribing, cutting, filling cells with liquid crystal, and sealing the glass panels. Powertip then adds polarizers, color filters, and other necessary components to create a completed LCD module tailored to specific requirements.

Powertip's commitment to innovation and precision has made it a trusted name in the display technology industry, offering reliable and high-performance products that meet the stringent demands of various applications.



Powertip NPC1602LRU-FWA-H
Powertip PC0802LRS-AWA-B-Q
Powertip PC1602ARS-CWA-A-Q
Powertip PC1602LRS-FWA-B-Q
Powertip PC2002LRS-AWA-B-Q
Powertip PC2002LRU-LWA-B-Q
Powertip PC2004LRU-AWB-H-Q
Powertip PC2402LRS-AWA-B-Q

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