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Powertron GmbH, founded in 1990, has become a premier provider of high-end resistive solutions. Specializing in foil and thick film products, Powertron serves diverse industries such as medical, energy, aerospace, military, and instrumentation. From the largest OEMs to small independent companies, Powertron's customers benefit from over two decades of dedication to exceptional customer service and support.

Powertron's commitment to superior customer service is evident in their direct-to-end-user methodology, ensuring efficient and effective fulfillment of customer needs. This service model includes immediate personalized technical support, flexible manufacturing systems, custom application support and design, and a dedicated sales manager and customer service representative. Additionally, Powertron offers online quote and sample order requests and global part tracking through their CRM solution for product traceability.

Quality is a cornerstone of Powertron's operations. At all global locations, the company employs closed-loop processes for quality, performance, and traceability. Rigorous in-process testing, visual inspections, and 100% final acceptance testing ensure that Powertron's resistors meet the highest standards. This relentless pursuit of quality begins with product design and continues with constant improvements through critical analysis of customer and manufacturing data.



Powertron FHR 4-2321 0R010 S 1% Q
Powertron FHR 4-3825 0R100 A 1% Q
Powertron FPR 2-T218 0R010 C 1%
Powertron PCS 301 1R000 S 1%

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