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Preci-Dip is a Swiss connector manufacturing company offering cutting-edge interconnect components. The Preci-Dip connectors, sockets, and contacts have advanced designs, top materials, and remarcable precision. Preci-Dip packs unequaled expertise into cutting-edge interconnect components. Leveraging advanced designs, and top materials, with incomparable Swiss precision,Preci-Dip’s precision tools and contact assembly machines are developed, designed, and produced with passion and expertise. These experts put the principle of vertical single-site command structure put into practice – monitoring each step from raw material to finished product.



Preci-Dip 01005-83-3010
Preci-Dip 01319-87-4710
Preci-Dip 01412-83-1110
Preci-Dip 01412-87-1110
Preci-Dip 01602-13-3010
Preci-Dip 02703-83-3010
Preci-Dip 03102-83-1610/R1
Preci-Dip 0900-4-CLIP

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