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Premo Inductive

PREMO Inductive Inc., a Spain-based company, has been at the forefront of developing, manufacturing, and selling electronic components since its founding 58 years ago. With a strong focus on the growing market of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (H&EV), PREMO also serves key market segments including automotive, telecommunications, and industrial electronics.

As a worldwide leader in RFID antennas, PREMO's extensive product portfolio includes power transformers, inductors and chokes, current sensors, EM motion tracking sensors, and PLC components. The company offers both off-the-shelf products and custom solutions, leveraging the latest technologies to enhance system efficiency.

With 1,200 employees across over eight design and production locations, and an extensive global sales network, PREMO is well-positioned to meet specific regional needs. The company's commitment to business excellence, engineering support, reliable delivery, and high-quality products has made it a preferred supplier in the industry. PREMO continues to innovate and adapt, ensuring that their electronic components meet the evolving demands of their diverse clientele.

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