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Pyramid Semiconductor

PSC Thermal Solutions specializes in designing and manufacturing thermal solutions tailored to meet diverse industry needs. With headquarters in California and a major manufacturing presence in Mainland China, PSC offers a comprehensive range of products including heat sinks, air moving devices (ECAC, DC, and AC fans, backward curved impellers, and blowers), heat pipes, and vapor chambers.

Since 1993, PSC has provided extensive sales coverage across the United States through a dedicated team headquartered in Southern California and supported by representative organizations nationwide. With a mission to address thermal challenges from small chip-level devices to complex systems requiring high airflow solutions, PSC's seasoned thermal engineers ensure optimal design and functionality for various applications.

Product Listing



Pyramid 0D0-102789000322788
Pyramid 10B-923156000392130
Pyramid 10B-923156000392130
Pyramid 165-676123000262590
Pyramid 360-512074000161644
Pyramid 3E4-362878000222393

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