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Founded in the 1970’s, RCD Components manufactures high quality electronic and passive components. Among their specialized components include metal film resistors, wirewound resistors, chip, axial, and radial ceramic capacitors, tantalum capacitors, coils and inductors, and active, passive, and programmable delay lines. 

In addition to their standard product offering, RCD Components manufactures over 100 customized products. These range from increased voltage capability, gold plated lead wires, non-standard values, custom markings, military screening, and much more. Do you have a project that requires special components? The IBS Electronics team has access to design engineers with the ability to customize a solution for any application. We’re ready to fulfill any special design requirements you may have.

Among RCD’s product offering includes:

Resistive Products

●    Resistors, Networks

●    Jumpers, Shunts

●    Fuses 

●    Temp.Sensors

●    Hybrid Circuits

Capacitive Products

●    Ceramic

●    Tantalum

●    Network

Inductive Products

●    Inductors

●    Coils

●    Chokes

●    Transformers

●    Magnetics

Delay Lines

●    Active

●    Passive

●    Programmable

Contract Assembly Services

●    Electro-Mechanical Assemblies

●    SM and Thru-hole PCB Assembly

●    Laser Trimming

●    Component Forming/marking/Taping

●    Coil Winding 

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As a manufacturer of resistors, capacitors, coils and delay lines, RCD offers one of the industry’s largest supplies of finished goods. With each level of production, RCD is dedicated to the consistent quality of their components. As a commitment to quality, they employ a “zero defect” policy to ensure that their components are completely defect free and conform to the specifications that they provided in the datasheet.



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