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Renata’s comprehensive line of battery holders for lithium coin cells are available as horizontal or vertical versions with through-hole or SMT-design. Renata Batteries is a worldwide leading producer of button cells for electronic applications. As a leading producer and supplier of miniature batteries, Renata has created a holder program for highest quality requirements, such as low contact resistance, safe retention of the coin cells, and state-of-the-art solderability.

Renata produces a wide range of products such as silver oxide batteries for wrist watches, zinc air batteries for hearing aids, but also lithium-3V-button-cells for the consumer and industrial industries and for telecommunication, medical and PCs use.

The consistent high quality and power of the button cells is a result of the reliable quality assurance system at RENATA, and begins with the inspection of incoming raw materials right through to the testing of the finished product.

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