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Excelitas Technologies / Reticon

Excelitas Technologies is a global leader in delivering high-performance photonic innovations to meet the diverse needs of customers across various industries. Specializing in illumination, optical, optronic, sensing, detection, and imaging solutions, Excelitas serves applications in automotive, consumer products, defense and aerospace, industrial, medical, safety and security, and scientific sectors.

Excelitas engages in collaborative, engineer-to-engineer relationships with its customers, participating early in design cycles to accelerate time to market and secure unique technological advantages. This approach ensures that customers can achieve market differentiation and maintain competitive barriers.

With a diverse portfolio and extensive integration expertise, Excelitas enables innovations in areas such as clinical diagnostics, autonomous vehicles, surgical visualization, X-ray security screening, smart home systems, additive manufacturing, IoT products, scientific discovery, semiconductor equipment, and medical device assembly.

Focused on excellence, Excelitas provides customized, market-driven solutions tailored to each OEM customer's unique system requirements. Their commitment to product performance, quality, reliability, and service empowers customers to excel in their respective markets and applications. Excelitas Technologies Corp. is owned by AEA Investors, a global private investment firm specializing in middle-market investments.



Excelitas Technology 4401-446-000-20
Excelitas Technology 4401-489-000-21
Excelitas Technology 58-03-00-000
Excelitas Technology 8450-200-200-0
Excelitas Technology 8451-109-000-26
Excelitas Technology BUB 0641RD(G)(H)
Excelitas Technology C 30902EH
Excelitas Technology C30617BFCH

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