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RF Micro Devices – RFMD®

RF Micro Devices – RFMD®, a leading RFIC supplier, offers an extensive product portfolio including gain blocks, pre-drivers, drivers, LNAs, direct modulators, demodulators and power transistors for wireless infrastructure and CATV applications. RFMD provides integrated circuit solutions for low-cost, short-range wireless and networking applications. Wireless product line ranges from the industry first single-chip 5.8GHz RF transceiver IC to the highly successful 900MHz and 2.4GHz RF transceiver IC lines. The premier networking product line provides the most complete fiber optic and copper media conversion solutions.

The company’s products, predominantly radio frequency integrated circuits (RFICs) and packaged modules that utilize them, are used in cellular networks and mobile phones, for wireless connectivity such as wireless LAN, GPS and Bluetooth, in cable modems and cable TV infastructure, and for other applications including military radar.

Qorvo – RFMD and TriQuint have merged to become Qorvo, a new global leader in scalable and dynamic RF solutions for mobile, infrastructure and defense. Qorvo creates standard and custom products using gallium arsenide (GaAs), gallium nitride (GaN), silicon germanium (SiGe), indium gallium phosphide (InGaP), surface acoustic wave (SAW) and bulk acoustic wave (BAW) technologies. Qorvo products include Amplifiers, Gainblocks, Mixers, VCO’s, PLL’s, Power Dividers, Low Noise Transistors, Medium Power Transistors, Power Amplifiers, Medium Power Amplifiers, High Power Amplifiers, Modulators, Transformers and CATV products.

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