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RG Allen

R.G Allen manufactures of standard and custom passive electronic components. Products include resistors, potentiometers, networks, arrays, capacitors, inductors, chokes, and coils. Available in various models, specifications, and features. RG Allen Offers thick film resistors available in a range of resistance values from less than 1 ohm to giga-ohms per square. Thick film capacitors with values ranging from 1 pico-farad to greater than 1000 pico-farad are also available.

IBS Electronics Group:

Founded in 1980, the primary goal of the company has been to provide outstanding service to E.M.S’s and O.E.M’s. In 1983 IBS reformat itself as corporation that markets electronic components for high tech industries worldwide. IBS is a privately held corporation with a steadfast commitment to quality, service and fast deliveries.

IBS Electronics is a major distributor of RG Allen parts in the world. If You are looking for RG ALLEN parts please contact IBS Electronics (1-800-717-6475)

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