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Robinson Nugent

Robinson Nugent, Inc. was a manufacturer of integrated circuit sockets, connectors used in board to board, wire to board, and wire to wire applications, and custom molded on cable assemblies. These products are used in electronic telecommunication equipment including switching and networking equipment such as servers and routers, modems and PBX stations; data processing equipment such as mainframe computers, personal computers, workstations, CAD systems and various peripheral equipment.

Robinson-Nugent, Inc., acquired by 3M about a decade ago, is most noted for reliable products such as electronic connectors and integrated socket circuit sockets. Applications for Robinson-Nugent interconnect parts are telecommunications equipment, personal computers, routers, modems, CAD systems and more. Today Robinson-Nugent products join a list of reliable interconnect components already offered by 3M:

  •    Wire-to-Board Connectors
  •    Cable Assemblies
  •    Memory Card Connectors
  •    Input/Output Connectors
  •    Wire-to-Wire Connectors
  •    Storage Interconnects
  •    Board-to-Board Connectors
  •    Backplane Connectors
  •    IC sockets
  •    Test and Burn-In Sockets



Robinson Nugent ICA-243-S-TG
Robinson Nugent ICE-083-SB-TG
Robinson Nugent ICT-163-S-TG
Robinson Nugent IDH-26LP-SR3-TG
Robinson Nugent P50-040SG-S1-TGF
Robinson Nugent PLCC-28-SMT-TT
Robinson Nugent PLCC-68-SMT-TT
Robinson Nugent SBE-040-S-TG30

Robinson Nugent Media

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