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Rubadue Wire – Mechanical Components

Rubadue Wire is a manufacturer of high quality wire and cable. Specializations include high temperature power supply winding wire, appliance wiring, and custom cables. Founded in 1977, Rubadue is a supplier to many of the top electronics manufacturers in the world. Manufacturing is located in Greeley, Colorado with stocking locations in Hong Kong, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Starting as a local manufacturer in 1977, Rubadue Wire has evolved into a global supplier for a diverse range of applications and industries. Rubadue offers a full line of extruded wire and cable products in a wide variety of sizes and insulating materials. Currently Rubadue’s products are used all over the world in electronics, automobiles, computers, lighting ballasts, medical equipment and devices, power supplies, security systems, transformers, telecommunications, and appliance wiring.

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