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Sanyo Denki America, Inc.

Sanyo Denki America, a prominent player in the electronics industry, is dedicated to supporting its customers by developing products that enhance performance and reliability. With a rich history of innovation, Sanyo Denki America specializes in cooling fans and systems, essential for reducing heat in PCs, servers, and other electronic devices. 

They also develop, manufacture, and sell uninterruptible power systems, engine generators, and solar energy power conditioners, ensuring reliable power backup for critical industries like finance, where power stoppages are unacceptable. Furthermore, Sanyo Denki America produces high-precision servo motors, stepping motors, encoders/drive units, and control systems, ideal for medical devices and industrial robots.

These products embody Sanyo Denki America’s commitment to providing solutions that enable customers to achieve their most ambitious goals, whether in manufacturing, public facilities, or high-stakes industries.



Sanyo Denki 103H5205-0410
Sanyo Denki 103H5205-0440
Sanyo Denki 103H5205-5240
Sanyo Denki 103H5210-5240
Sanyo Denki 103H7121-5740
Sanyo Denki 103H7123-0140
Sanyo Denki 103H7123-0440
Sanyo Denki 103H7123-5040

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