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Schwarzpunkt Schwarz GMBH & Co

Schwarzpunkt Schwarz Gmbh & Co engineers, manufactures, assembles, and tests thermoset and thermoplast products. Its products include lightweight plastic parts, ground fault circuit interrupters, housings, components, couplings, and single-pipe-fans. The company also provides export services/logistics, design/modification of components, part validation/risk analysis, production of prototypes, and contract manufacturing services. It serves electronics and telecom, automotive, medical, building ventilation and construction, marine, and aviation industries.

Schwarzpunkt, established in 1949, is a small-sized high-tech Munich based family-owned business specialized in the development, production, assembly and testing of thermoset and thermoplastic applications with a strong focus on the automotive industry.

Helvoet Holding BV, manufacturer of high precision custom made plastic and rubber components, and Schwarzpunkt Schwarz GmbH & Co in Gilching (Bayern/Germany) agreed to a merger in which Helvoet has acquired all shares of Schwarzpunkt. As of January 11, 2013, Schwarzpunkt Schwarz Gmbh & Co operates as a subsidiary of Sluiswachter B.V.

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