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Electrocube, founded in 1961 and based in the United States, is a highly esteemed manufacturer specializing in passive electrical components for diverse applications. As a trusted capacitor supplier and resistor-capacitor distributor, Electrocube serves industries ranging from aerospace and audio to elevators and heavy equipment.

The company excels in custom EMI filter designs and high-frequency transformer sales, leveraging decades of industry insight to meet the exacting demands of design engineers and purchasing agents alike. Electrocube distinguishes itself as a second-generation, family-owned business that maintains complete control over its operations, ensuring integrity and reliability across manufacturing, design, and delivery processes. 

Known for precision and innovation, Electrocube's products are synonymous with dependable performance, high quality, and environmental compliance. Customers, including a broad network of distributors and OEMs, rely on Electrocube for tailored solutions that combine impeccable design, energy efficiency, and responsive service, setting industry standards and surpassing expectations where others may falter.


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