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SeCos Semiconductor

SeCos is a global manufacturer of application-specific diodes and transistors. General application types include products for the consumer and communication markets. SeCos is a recognized manufacturer of constant innovation and superior quality with a portfolio that is quickly expanding. Headquartered in Taiwan, SeCoS Semiconductor products may be purchased through IBS Electronics and shipped anywhere in the world.



A diode is a simple semiconductor device that allows current flow in one direction only—not the other. Schottky diodes operate like standard diodes, except they have a low forward voltage drop and a fast switching action. Also different from regular diodes are rectifier diodes, which can handle a higher current flow and change alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC). SeCos offers multiple styles of diodes, from general purpose to fast and super fast recovery. In addition to rectifiers, SeCos also manufactures protection devices, such as electrostatic discharge (ESD) and transient voltage suppressors (TVS).

Quality Components form SeCos


An integrated circuit (abbreviated IC and also called a chip or microchip) is a semiconductor wafer on which tiny resistors, capacitors, and transistors are fabricated—sometimes in the millions. An IC can function as an oscillator, amplifier, computer memory, timer, counter, or microprocessor. A particular IC is categorized as either linear (analog) or digital, depending on its intended application.


SeCos offers linear and adjustable voltage regulators, in addition to audio and operational amplifiers, comparators, LED drivers, and quality photocouplers. Photocouplers (also called optocouplers) are electronic components that play a vital role between two isolated circuits. Thy operate by placing a photocoupler between two isolated circuits that prevents high voltages from affecting the system receiving the signal. 


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IBS Electronics is a global electronic component distributor of quality products. Do you need a SeCos component for your application? We operate a global sourcing network, with offices in the USA, Europe, and Asia. If you need customization options, or simply aren’t sure which component is right for you, our knowledgeable team can find a custom solution for you. Additionally, we offer the best prices on the market with fast and easy shipping than most distributors. Contact us today.

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