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Seoul Semiconductor

Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells LED products worldwide. It offers Acrich MJT, which allows operation at high voltage levels; Acrich2 17W module that enhances compatibility with phase cut dimmer and analog dimmer; and Acrich, a semiconductor light for residential and commercial lighting applications. The company also provides various types of LEDs for lighting, BLU, mobile, automotive, and customized module applications. The company was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Ansan, South Korea.



Seoul Semiconductor (SZ5-P0-W0-00)_V3-B0B5-I
Seoul Semiconductor (SZ5-P0-W0-00)_W1-B0B5-H
Seoul Semiconductor A42182
Seoul Semiconductor C9WT803-J5J9-B0B5
Seoul Semiconductor CUD7GF1A
Seoul Semiconductor DT3001B
Seoul Semiconductor DT3007B
Seoul Semiconductor DT3007C

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