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SIGA Electronics Ltd.

A company within Kamic Group and ETAL

SIGA Electronics Ltd is a premier manufacturer specializing in toroidal and bobbin wound components and associated assemblies. With a focus on quality and innovation, SIGA offers a diverse range of products, including UL recognized toroidal transformers compliant with UL506 standards. Adhering to stringent international regulations such as EN61558, EN60601, and EN60950, SIGA ensures the highest standards of safety and performance in their designs.

Production takes place across various locations, including SIGA's facility in the UK, as well as sister companies ETAL in Sri Lanka and Estonia, and trusted production partners. This distributed manufacturing model enables SIGA to maintain efficiency and reliability while meeting the demands of a global customer base.

SIGA's products find applications in telecommunications, automotive, aerospace, and medical industries, among others. From toroidal transformers to custom assemblies, SIGA caters to diverse needs with precision and expertise. Their commitment to quality and adherence to international standards make them a trusted partner for companies seeking reliable electronic components.

With decades of experience and a dedication to continuous improvement, SIGA Electronics Ltd remains at the forefront of the industry, delivering high-performance solutions that drive innovation and reliability across various sectors.

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