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Silicon Labs

Silicon Labs Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of integrated-circuit (IC) products that combine world-class analog with high-speed digital and FLASH memory in a single, powerful chip. The combination of mixed-signal integration and in-system programmability offers tangible user benefits through higher component integration, greater design flexibility, faster time-to-market, superior system performance, and improved end-product differentiation.

Silicon Laboratories, Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company founded in 1996. The company provides silicon, software and tools for the Internet of Things, Internet infrastructure, industrial automation, consumer and automotive markets.

The company is a pioneer in RF and CMOS integration, working primarily in mixed-signal CMOS semiconductors and embedded software serving thousands of applications around the globe. It has shipped more than six billion devices and has more than 1400 patents issued and pending.

The Silicon Labs portfolio contains microcontrollers (MCUs), wireless ICs, timing devices, low-power sensors, and broadcast solutions. Silicon Labs also provides software stack solutions, such as firmware libraries, protocol-based software, and the Simplicity Studio development platform.



Silicon Labs 1060-915-DK
Silicon Labs 4063CPCE20B915
Silicon Labs 4455C-434-PDK
Silicon Labs 4460CPCE30E915S
Silicon Labs 4463CPCE20C868SE
Silicon Labs 4463CPSQ20D169
Silicon Labs 500DCAA-ACF
Silicon Labs 500SABC148M500ACH

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