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Simple Technology Inc. and Silicon Tech merged under a single brand name SimpleTech (then sTec Inc). SimpleTech Inc was a Santa Ana, California, company supplied memory, storage, and connectivity products for computing, communications, consumer electronics, and industrial applications.

Simple Technology provided standard and custom memory solutions, with products based on dynamic random access memory, or DRAM, static random access memory, or SRAM, and Flash memory technologies, such as CompactFlash. Simple Technology offered a comprehensive line of over 2,500 memory and storage products, as well as connectivity products that connect memory cards and hard drive upgrade kits to PCs. These products are used in high performance computing, networking and communications, consumer electronics and industrial applications.

sTec designs, develops and manufactures solid-state drives (SSDs) based on flash memory and dynamic random access memory (DRAM), providing them to large-scale data center environments and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers. sTec offered standard and custom memory solutions to original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, and aftermarket customers, including value added resellers, or VARs, mail order customers, commercial and industrial distributors, and retailers.


SimpleTech specialized in high-density modules, cards and drives.

  • Flash Products
    SimpleTech offers leading flash memory cards, USB flash drives, and memory. The Company’s Flash products are used in a variety of applications, ranging from high-capacity industrial applications to high-performance networking applications to mobile consumer electronic devices. The primary focus of the SimpleTech Flash offering is manufacturing Flash products for use as an embedded storage device.
  • SimpleTech Storage
    SimpleTech offers the SimpleDrive family of direct-attached external storage products for data storage and back up. The Company’s SimpleDrive Desktop product line provides high-density, high-speed, cost-effective storage in 160 gigabyte to 500 gigabyte capacities. Its SimpleDrive Portable product line offers similar features in a smaller, more durable form factor in capacities ranging from 40 gigabyte to 100 gigabyte. The primary usage of these external hard drives is for plug and play storage expansion and system backup. Its SimpleDrive Mini product line offers the smallest form factor available for disk drive based external storage with a capacity of four gigabyte.

sTec was acquired by HGST, a Western Digital company. Western Digital completed the acquisition of sTec on September 12, 2013.

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