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Singatron Group, established in 1976 in Hsinchu, Taiwan, has been a pioneer in the connector industry. Expanding its presence, Singatron established plants in Suzhou and Zhongshan, China, in 2000 to meet increasing demand. In 2012, Singatron launched the SGConn® line of IP65~68 waterproof connectors, catering to marine electronics, outdoor displays, lighting, communications, industrial automation, and light electronic vehicles.

Singatron is dedicated to innovation and development, providing high-quality connectors, professional support, and competitive pricing to the global electronics industry. Their extensive service network spans Taiwan, China, South Korea, the USA, Canada, and Europe, ensuring comprehensive customer support.

With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Singatron continues to be a trusted partner in the electronics market, delivering reliable and innovative solutions worldwide.


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