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Sipex Corporation designs, manufactures and markets approximately 1,000 ICs that grouped into three product families: power management, serial interface, and optical storage.

Power management ICs group includes Low Drop Out linear regulators, DC to DC switching regulators, PWM controllers, charge pumps, and microprocessor supervisors.

The serial interface product group contains RS-232, RS-485, high speed, differential transceivers, and dual and multi-protocol transceivers.

The optical storage product family offers complete electronic solutions that enable faster read speeds and smaller footprints in the pick up heads of DVD-R/W, DVD-RAM, and CDRW systems. This family includes photo-detector ICs, laser diode drivers, and advanced power control ICs.

An analog semiconductor company that specializes in standard linear and application specific products, Sipex Corporation announced a merger with Exar Corporation in 2007. Semiconductor lines provided by Sipex fall into three specific application lines; optical storage, interface and power management. Headquartered in Milpitas, CA before the merge, Sipex also contained operations within Asia and Europe.

Sipex Corporation Semiconductor Components:
Photo-Detector ICs
Laser Diode Drivers
Power Control ICs
High-Speed Transceivers
Differential Transceivers
Multi-Protocol Transceivers
Linear Regulators
DC to DC Switching Regulators

Exar Corporation (NASDAQ: EXAR) announced that it has closed the previously announced merger of a wholly owned subsidiary of Exar with Sipex Corporation, effective August 25, 2007.


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