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Suhner is a leading manufacturer at the forefront of precision solutions for critical metal gear components across diverse industries worldwide. Specializing in high-quality components, Suhner offers an extensive range of products tailored to meet the exacting needs of various sectors. From automotive and aerospace to manufacturing and construction, Suhner's innovative offerings empower industries to achieve unparalleled efficiency and performance.

Explore Suhner's comprehensive catalog, including precision tools, machining units, and customized solutions designed to optimize production processes and enhance productivity. Their flexible shafts are extremely resilient components offering a high degree of longevity, allowing for continuous work operations even at high-speed ranges (up to 50,000 rpm). They are perfectly suited for substitution of unprotected or complex drive units (angle gearboxes, chain hoists, universal joints, etc.) in power transmission applications across machinery, aerospace, railway engineering, power tools, concrete vibrators, and more.

Suhner also provides power tools, including angled gearboxes, handheld power tools designed to continuously work at peak load or temperatures. With a commitment to excellence and decades of expertise, Suhner continues to set industry standards, delivering cutting-edge solutions that drive success. 



Suhner 11_BNC-50-2-20/103
Suhner 11BNC-50-2-20/103
Suhner 11TNC-50-2-20/103NE
Suhner 24BNC-50-2-20/133NE

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