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Sunon Fans

Sunon Founded in 1980, Sunonwealth Electric Machine Industry Co. has continuously focused on making innovations for the core motor technology, leading the industry in product trends for motors, cooling fans, and cooling modules.

Sunon designs and manufactures a full range of high-performance fans, blowers and coolers. The company is committed to supplying the widest selection of quality axial fans and blowers, which includes DC brushless fans, micro DC blowers, CPU coolers, graphic card coolers and AC fans. Sunon manufactures some of the industries smallest, thinnest and most power efficient fans and blowers in sizes ranging from 0.315 inches (8mm) to 10 inches (250mm) in outside diameter and from 0.157 inches (4mm) to 1.5 inches (38mm) in thickness. More than 700 different models are available to customers.



Sunon Fans 054006BHBB
Sunon Fans 2777HQ/ME50151V3-Q00
Sunon Fans 3113HQ/MC40101V2-Q00
Sunon Fans 3161/MEC0251V1-000U-G99
Sunon Fans 3236HQ/PF40281B1-D17
Sunon Fans 3F8-558469-191238
Sunon Fans 4127/MF30060V1-1000U-A99
Sunon Fans 4131/MF50101V1-1000U-A99

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