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The Micronas Group is a developer and manufacturer of semiconductor-based sensor and IC system solutions for automotive and industrial electronics. The Micronas Semiconductor Holding AG is headquartered in Zurich (Switzerland). Micronas is listed at the Swiss stock exchange (SIX Swiss Exchange).

Micronas is known and recognized in the automotive and industrial business as a reliable global partner for intelligent, sensor-based system solutions. Micronas offers a variety of Hall sensors and embedded controllers for smart actuators for automotive and industrial applications, such as drivetrains, chassis frames, engine management and convenience functions.

Micronas, a preferred partner for sensing and control, serves all major automotive electronics customers worldwide, many of them in long-term partnerships for lasting success. Micronas offers a variety of Hall-effect sensors for automotive and industrial applications.

In 2015 Micronas was acquired by the TDK Corporation and renamed to TDK-Micronas. Through the acquisition TDK will further boost its sensor and actuator business. TDK is expanding its sensor business by completing a lineup of various sensors, in addition to its own pressure, temperature, current and magnetic sensors. Recently, TDK acquired TDK-Micronas, a leading supplier with the world’s broadest range of Hall-effect sensors and embedded motor controllers for the Automotive and Industrial markets. Furthermore TDK announced the acquisition of the US-based InvenSense, Inc., a global inertial sensor company, and became the majority shareholder of Tronics Microsystems SA, a French MEMS and inertial sensor specialist.

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TDK-Micronas 99900020
TDK-Micronas CUR4235GWDA
TDK-Micronas HAC3735CXHA2R400HATB
TDK-Micronas HAL1501SU-A
TDK-Micronas HAL1501UA-A-2-A-2-39
TDK-Micronas HAL1502SU-A
TDK-Micronas HAL1502UA-A
TDK-Micronas HAL1503SU-A

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