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TE Connectivity / AMP

Tyco International Ltd. completed the $12.22 billion purchase of AMP Inc. on April 6, 1999, adding the world’s biggest maker of electronic connectors to its array of industrial businesses. Tyco is much more than a connector supplier. Tyco acquisitions ranged across the value chain from components, including sensors, through sector-specific modules and PCBs to instrumentation. TE / TYco has more than 500,000 products that it sells into automotive, industrial equipment, data communication systems, aerospace, defense, oil and gas, consumer electronics, energy and subsea communications.

Tyco was founded in 1960 when Arthur J. Rosenburg, Ph.D., opened a research laboratory to do experimental work for the government.

Tyco Electronics is the world’s largest supplier of passive electronic components and a major producer of active components.

The AMP brand encompasses the broadest range of connectors in the world, including high-density, high-speed designs for leading-edge communications equipment, and innovative micro miniature circular plastic connectors that are more cost effective than traditional metal-shell designs.

Product Listing
Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Audio / Video Connectors Automotive Connectors Backplane Connectors Board to Board Connectors Cable Markers Cable Ties Cables and Wire Capacitors Card Edge Connectors Ceramic Capacitors Chemicals Chip SMD Resistors Circuit Breakers Circuit Protection Circular Connectors Coaxial / RF Cable Assemblies Common Mode Chokes Connectors Counters D-Sub Cables D-Sub Connectors DIN 41612 Connectors DIP Switches Displays Drills Electronic Parts Enclosures Ethernet Cables Ethernet Interface ICs FFC / FPC FFC / FPC Cables Fiber Optic Cables Fiber Optic Connectors Fiber Optics Fixed Inductors Flash Flat Ribbon Cables Fuse Holders Fuses Hand Tools Hard Metric Connectors Headers and Wire Housings Heat Guns Heat Shrink Tubing Heat Sinks IC and Component Sockets Inductor Kits Inductors Keylock Switches Lamps LEDs Linear ICs Machinery Memory Connectors Modular / Ethernet Connectors Motors and Drives Non-Heat Shrink Tubing and Sleeves Off-Board Modules Optocouplers Optoelectronics Photovoltaic / Solar Connectors Pneumatics Power Connectors Power Products Power Relays Proximity Sensors Pushbutton Switches RAM Relays Resistor Arrays Resistor Kits Resistors RF / Coaxial Connectors RF Antennas Rocker Switches Rotary Switches Screws and Fasteners SCRs Sensors Signal Relays Slide Switches Snap Action / Limit Switches Solid State Relays Spacers, Standoffs Switch Accessories Switches Tactile Switches Taps Terminal Blocks Terminals Thermistors Through-Hole Resistors Time Delay Relays Toggle Switches Tools and Supplies Transformers Transistors USB Cables USB Connectors Variable Resistors and Potentiometers Varistors Washers Wire Crimpers and Strippers Wire Protection and Management Wirewound Resistors Wrenches



TE Connectivity / AMP 0-0134959-1
TE Connectivity / AMP 001604342
TE Connectivity / AMP 0-0165034-0
TE Connectivity / AMP 0-0165034-0
TE Connectivity / AMP 0-0165536-1
TE Connectivity / AMP 0-0165536-1
TE Connectivity / AMP 0-0172507-1
TE Connectivity / AMP 0-0172888-2

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