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Teka Interconnection Systems

TEKA Interconnection Systems specializes in manufacturing application-specific and industry-standard interconnect devices and systems, catering to diverse industries worldwide. Their product range includes high-speed precision stamping, connector manufacturing, and plastic injection molding. A standout feature of TEKA's technology is its cost-effective self-soldering connector technology, which eliminates the need for secondary soldering processes, reducing both time and costs.

TEKA offers a comprehensive selection of connectors, including PC104, stack, and non-stackthrough connectors, as well as shrouded and friction lock headers in various configurations. Their standard technology connectors line encompasses card edge solder dip, wire wrap, box receptacles, din connectors, power connectors, surface mount solder flux bearing, and more.

For customers seeking quality components, TEKA provides reliable solutions tailored to meet specific requirements. Whether it's standard connectors or custom components with unique specifications, TEKA ensures superior performance and durability. 

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