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Temp Flex Cable Inc / Molex

Temp-Flex Cable is a manufacturer of wire and cable specializing in Research and Development to create new product solutions. The extrusion process predominantly uses fluoropolymer insulation with a concentration on thin walls for the medical industry. Additionally, Temp-Flex also specializes in tight tolerances for flatline cables, high-speed and microwave coaxial cable.

Temp-Flex Multicore Cables combine multifunction design with high-performance constructions to meet data, signal and power requirements for harsh-environment applications. Temp-Flex Cable, Inc. manufactures specialty wires and cables for medical, aerospace, military, computer, electronics, test and measurement, and industrial markets.

December 22, 2011 Molex completed the acquisition of Temp-Flex Cable Inc., which designs and manufactures specialty wire and cable products for the medical, aerospace, military, computer, electronics, test-and-measurement and industrial markets. Temp-Flex operates as a subsidiary of Molex Inc. and will be part of Molex’s global integrated products division. Molex serves customers in a variety of industries, including the telecom, datacom, computer / peripheral, automotive, premise wiring, industrial, consumer, medical and military markets. And because we have the highest levels of R&D investment in our industry, Molex is known for providing a continuous flow of innovation in areas such as high-speed signal integrity, miniaturization, higher power delivery, optical signal transmission and sealed harsh-environment connectivity.

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