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Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments Incorporated is the world leader in digital signal processing and analog technologies, the semiconductor engines of the Internet age. Innovate with 80000+ analog ICs & embedded processors, software & largest sales/support staff.

Texas Instruments (TI) designs and manufactures semiconductor solutions for analog and digital embedded and application processing. The company operates through the following business segments: Analog & Embedded Processing. The Analog segment semiconductors change real-world signals such as sound, temperature, pressure or images, by conditioning them, amplifying them and often converting them to a stream of digital data that can be processed by other semiconductors, such as embedded processors. Embedded processing segment designed to handle specific tasks and can be optimized for various combinations of performance, power and cost, depending on the application.

TI is a leader in the real-time technologies that help people communicate. We are moving fast to drive the Internet age forward with semiconductor solutions for large markets such as wireless and broadband access and for new emerging markets such as digital cameras and digital audio.

TI envisions a world where every phone call, every Internet connection, every photograph you take, every song you listen to are touched by the power of TI’s Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and Analog technologies.

Product Listing
Accelerometers Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Amplifiers - Audio Amplifiers - Op Amps, Buffer, Instrumentation Analog to Digital Converters (ADCs) Batteries and Accessories Battery Management BJTs Board Mount Modules Buffers, Drivers and Transceivers Cable Ties Clock and Timing Clock Buffers, Drivers Clock Generators, PLLs, Frequency Synthesizers CODECs Comparators Connectors Counters Data Converter ICs Decoders and Multiplexers Digital Potentiometers Digital to Analog Converters (DACs) Diodes Displays DSPs - Digital Signal Processors EEPROM Electronic Parts Embedded Processors and Controllers ESD and Circuit Protection ICs Ethernet Interface ICs FIFO Flash Gate Drivers Headers and Wire Housings Hot Swap Controllers Inductors Integrated Circuits (ICs) Interface ICs JFETs Lamps Latches and Flip Flops LED Displays LED Drivers LEDs Linear ICs Logic Gates Logic ICs Memory Microcontrollers Microprocessors MOSFETs Motor Drivers Motor Drives Off-Board Modules Optical Sensors Optocouplers Optoelectronics Oscillators Power Management ICs Power Supply Modules RAM Real Time Clocks Rectifier Diodes Relays RF Amplifiers RF Antennas RF Receivers, Transceivers RF Semiconductors and Devices RS-232 / RS-422 / RS-485 Interface ICs SCRs Sensors Shift Registers Speakers Switches Temperature and Humidity Sensors Terminals Thyristors Timers and Oscillators Touch Screen Controllers Transistors TVS Diodes UART Interface ICs USB Interface ICs Voltage Level Shifters Voltage References Voltage Regulators - Linear Voltage Regulators - Switching Voltage Supervisors Washers Zener Diodes



Texas Instruments 11438794
Texas Instruments 11461309
Texas Instruments 1246990
Texas Instruments 129-330-0002-02
Texas Instruments 13207613-2
Texas Instruments 1407171
Texas Instruments 1407192
Texas Instruments 1407232

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