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TUSONIX offers a broad line of EMI/RFI Filters, Surface Mount EMI Filters, Variable Trimmer Capacitors, Filtered Terminal Blocks, Custom EMI Filter Plate Assemblies and Ceramic Disc Capacitors. The company has been manufacturing ceramic components since 1969 and Tusonix draws upon this experience and accumulated knowledge to provide an ever expanding line of EMI/RFI filters (surface mount and feed through), ceramic fixed and variable trimmer capacitors, and filtered terminal blocks. Tusonix products set the industry standard and lead the way in the development of tomorrow’s EMI technology.

January 24, 2008 CTS announced it has reached a definitive agreement to acquire Tusonix, Inc. Tusonix is a leader in the design and manufacture of ceramic EMI/RFI (electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference) filters, capacitor assemblies and related components, serving the military, industrial, instrumentation and telecom markets. EMI/RFI filters protect against electromagnetic noise. The company operates from facilities in Tucson, Arizona and Nogales, Mexico. CTS expects the transaction to be accretive in year one and close by the end of January 2008.



Tusonix 0538-014-A-5.5-18
Tusonix 0835 001 S3B0 181 K
Tusonix 0835 001 S3B0 181 KLF
Tusonix 0835-001-S3B0-181KLF
Tusonix 2425-001-X5U0-102AALF
Tusonix 2425-003-X7R-102AA
Tusonix 2425-018-X7R0-101MLF
Tusonix 2425-601-X5W0-103ZLF

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