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U.S. Robotics

U.S. Robotics manufactures modems and wired and wireless networking devices designed for use in homes, home offices, and businesses throughout North America and Europe. The company was at the forefront of modem technology in the 1980s and 1990s and was among the leading suppliers of modems using the V.32, V.34, and eventually the V.90 56K standard. 3Com Corporation acquired U.S. Robotics in 1997. As part of a major restructuring, 3Com formed a joint venture with NatSteel Electronics Ltd. and Accton Technology Corporation in 2000. The venture, which included 3Com’s analog modem business, adopted the U.S. Robotics name. The company sold broadband modems, those used for digital subscriber line (DSL) and cable connections.

June 2013 : UNICOM Global acquired U.S. Robotics Corporation. U.S. Robotics Corporation operates as a subsidiary of UNICOM Systems, Inc.
U.S. Robotics Corporation develops and manufactures internet access products for data transfer, remote management, broadband backup, point of sales, and machine to machine functions. US Robotics offers access devices, such as cellular modems, cellular gateways, analog modems, and analog line sharing devices; and remote management devices, including console server, power hybrid solutions, and analog modems. The company also provides real-time monitoring devices, such as copper aggregating taps and LC fiber taps; and wired networking devices, including network attached storage adapters. In addition, US Robotics offers USB peripherals, such as card readers, adapters, hubs, and cables. Further, US Robotics provides dial-up modems, courier business products, call directors, and tablet accessories.

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