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United Chemi-Con

United Chemi-Con (UCC) (a wholly owned subsidiary of Nippon Chemi-Con) is the largest manufacturer and supplier of aluminum electrolytic capacitors in North America. United Chemi-Con’s products include solid conductive polymers and aluminum, high temperature and high-vibration resistant capacitors, industry-leading multilayer ceramics with radically improved Y5U and new X5R and X7R dielectrics, and capacitors for electronic ballasts, automotive modules, computer equipment, and many other applications requiring low impedance, very low ESR, high voltage and long life. These focus products are available in surface mount, radial or snap-in styles, and most products use environmentally-friendly materials as the standard or as an option – reflecting their ongoing goal to meet environmental standards.



United Chemi-Con 120006-0004A
United Chemi-Con 1323086
United Chemi-Con 1756616
United Chemi-Con 202002100283EKXG201ELL221MM25S
United Chemi-Con 36120150-0028B
United Chemi-Con 36DA223F100CD2A
United Chemi-Con 36DA223F100CD2A
United Chemi-Con 36DA294D

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