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Varitronix International Limited, through its subsidiaries, designs, manufactures, and sells small to-medium sized LCDs (liquid crystal displays) and related products.
Established in 1978, Varitronix is one of Asia’s pioneers in LCD manufacturing. Varitronix has grown into a manufacturer with scalable production capacity, an extensive sales network and over 4,000 staff. Varitronix International Limited, is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD). They are a research-driven company, working with customers to develop advanced LCD products for a broad range of markets, including sophisticated commercial, industrial, medical, and military display products. The company’s products range from simple LCD displays to LCD graphic display modules.

As a leading manufacturer of small-to-medium-sized LCDs, Varitronix offers complete solutions for a wide range of applications, from automotive and industrial to other applications. Varitronix puts emphasis on providing premium service and products of the highest quality. Varitronix’s product line includes: Standard & Custom Graphic, Dot-Matrix, LCD Glass, Modules and Turnkey Systems. We offer the latest technologies in: Twisted-Nematic (TN), High-Twist (HTN), Super-Twist (STN), Extended-Temp. STN, Black & White Film-Compensated STN, Double STN, Guest-Host, Heilmeier Displays and Touch-Sensitive Screen.

Varitronix displays are manufactured in accordance with international certifications including ISO 9001 for general quality management and ISO/TS 16949 for quality management of automotive products.



Varitronix COG-C144MVGI-08
Varitronix COG-C144MVGL-01
Varitronix MDLS-161612-G-LV-LED4G
Varitronix MDLS162D65-LV
Varitronix MGLS-240128TA-HV-S
Varitronix MGLS-24064-Z-HT-HV-FSTN-LEDW
Varitronix VI-201-DP-RC-S
Varitronix VI-302-DP-FC-S

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