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VARTA has a 120 year history of providing progressive innovation in battery technology. The broad range of VARTA products provides the right battery for all devices (automotive, motorcycle, commercial, consumer, computers, phones, mp3 players, etc)

VARTA batteries have become the benchmark for quality, expertise and precision technology. As an innovator in Start-Stop battery technology in Europe, VARTA PowerZone stores offer the unique VARTA Start-Stop Service Program (VSSP) to ensure proper battery installation and registration.

VARTA is the strongest premium brand of car batteries in Europe with a growing presence in Asia and South America.

Whether you have a digital camera, MP3 player or portable playstation, VARTA Consumer Batteries, a member of the Spectrum Brands family, delivers precisely the right energy. For almost every need. And with a commitment to new, dynamic and high-performing innovations.


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