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Vishay BCcomponents

The Beyschlag name stands for thin film technology, continuous innovation, excellence in service and logistics, and customer-oriented solutions.

BCcomponents (Beyschlag Centralab components), a leading manufacturer of passive electronic components, emerged from Philips Electronics Components division in January 1999. Building upon the tradition of excellence associated with Beyschlag, Philips, and Centralab, BCcomponents carried out, in close cooperation with customers, a continuous process of product innovation and improvement. This tradition of excellence included the development of several products that have become industry standards, such as SMD Mini-MELF resistors (branded Vishay Beyschlag) and a range of aluminum capacitors with industry-leading temperature capabilities. BCcomponents earned the status of preferred supplier to many of the world’s leading electronics companies.

Vishay acquired BCcomponents in December 2002. The former BCcomponents product portfolio is now divided into Vishay Beyschlag and Vishay BCcomponents. Products branded Vishay Beyschlag include thin film and carbon film MELF resistors, thin film and cermet film chip resistors, and leaded metal film and carbon film resistors. The latest developments include thin film chip arrays, and thin and thick film chip fuses. Products branded Vishay BCcomponents include leaded metal film and metal glaze resistors, non-linear and variable components, and ceramic, aluminum, and film capacitors.



Vishay BCcomponents 1C10X7R333K050B
Vishay BCcomponents 1C20X7R222K100B
Vishay BCcomponents 2222-037-56479
Vishay BCcomponents 2222 138 16222
Vishay BCcomponents 2222 138 19101
Vishay BCcomponents 2222 153 61101
Vishay BCcomponents 2222 153 66101
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