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Vishay / Ohmtek

Ohmtek, a distinguished member of the Vishay Intertechnology family since 2007, continues to build on its legacy of innovation in electronic component manufacturing. Originally founded in 1978 as Ohmtek, Inc., the company has evolved to become a vital part of one of the world's largest producers of discrete semiconductors and passive electronic components. Under the Vishay brand, Ohmtek now offers a wide array of high-quality components including resistors, capacitors, diodes, and a variety of advanced semiconductors.

Specializing in precise and reliable electronic components, Ohmtek's product lineup is vast, encompassing analog multiplexers, switches, attenuators, connectors, DC/DC converters, displays, fuses, inductors, and a broad range of optoelectronics like IR emitters, receiver modules, and touch panels. The company also delivers specialized products such as JFETs, LEDs, MOSFETs, motion transducers, optical sensors, optocouplers, oscillators, potentiometers, rectifiers, RF transceivers, solid state relays, thermistors, transformers, trimmers, and varistors.

Catering to industries ranging from telecommunications to automotive, aerospace, and healthcare, Ohmtek's components are integral to applications requiring utmost precision and durability. Their expertise in thin film and foil resistor technology positions them uniquely in the market to support intricate and critical applications. Ohmtek ensures that clients receive comprehensive solutions tailored to their specific needs, reinforcing Vishay's reputation as a leader in electronic manufacturing services.

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