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Vishay has grown through acquisition to include such top names in discrete electronic components as Dale, Sfernice, Draloric, Sprague, Vitramon, Siliconix, General Semiconductor, BCcomponents, and Beyschlag.

Through continued research and acquisitions, Vishay has become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of discrete semiconductors and passive electronic components. Vishay’s portfolio of brands represents an unmatched collection of discrete semiconductors, passive components, integrated modules, stress sensors, and transducers. All of these brands and products are part of one global manufacturer: Vishay 

Vishay offer a wide number of product types:

    • Semiconductors: MOSFETs, ICs, Diodes and rectifiers; Optoelectronics.
    • Passive Components: Resistors; Inductors & other magnetics and Capacitors.

Vishay components are used in virtually all types of electronic devices and equipment, in the industrial, computer, automotive, consumer, telecommunications, military, aerospace, and medical markets. Vishay has its own subbrands: 

    • Vishay Angstrohm
      Vishay Aztronic
      Vishay BCcomponents
      Vishay Beyschlag
      Vishay BLH
      Vishay Celtron
      Vishay Cera-Mite
      Vishay Dale
      Vishay Draloric
      Vishay Electro-Films
      Vishay ESTA
      Vishay Foil Resistors
      Vishay Measurements Group
      Vishay Micro-Measurements

  • Vishay Nobel
    Vishay Roederstein
    Vishay Semiconductors
    Vishay Sensortronics
    Vishay Sfernice
    Vishay Siliconix
    Vishay Spectrol
    Vishay Sprague
    Vishay Techno
    Vishay Tedea-Huntleigh
    Vishay Thin Film
    Vishay Transducers
    Vishay Ultronix
    Vishay Vitramon


Vishay Media

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