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WIMA is a German manufacturer of plastic film capacitors, paper capacitors, and supercapacitors. WIMA’s broad product offering also includes a variety of surface mount and through-hole capacitors for industrial and commercial markets. Since its founding in 1948, WIMA has developed small and reliable leaded and paper capacitors, such as polyester film, polypropylene, film suppressions, SMD film, and dielectric capacitors.

WIMA has a long tradition in the field of passive electronic components. As the world’s leading manufacturer, WIMA developes and manufactures high-quality film capacitors for professional use in all areas of electronics. WIMA Group specializes in three business areas:

    • Plastic film capacitors
    • Paper capacitors
    • Supercapacitors

One of WIMA’s greatest strengths is their design and production for custom solutions. Solutions can therefore be offered to all customer needs. Major customer groups are in automotive, consumer and industrial electronics and the lighting industry. Among others there are well-known and demanding customers like Bosch and Siemens with supply of worldwide facilities.

Plastic film capacitors

A capacitor is an electromechanical device capable of storing electrical energy. Unlike a battery, a capacitor produces electrical energy as a byproduct of chemical activity. A capacitor can function in several ways; like a resistor or even an inductor by turning some energy into heat. Specifically, film capacitors use a thin plastic film as the dielectric (electrical insulator). They are used in multiple applications due to their low cost, stability, and low inductance.

Paper Capacitor

A paper capacitor is an electronic component that stores energy in an electronic field, or capacitor. In a paper capacitor, the dielectric that stores electric charge is made of paper instead of plastic. Paper capacitors are a “fixed” capacitor, which means they have the ability to hold or store an electric charge. In other words, paper capacitors can hold a “fixed” amount of electric charge.

Supercapacitor (SC)

A supercapacitor (SC) is a double-layer capacitor with an ultra high capacitance and low voltage. A supercapacitor is rated in farads, which is thousands of times higher than a typical electrolytic capacitor. Typically, supercapacitors are used for energy storage that undergo frequent charge and discharge cycles at high current and short duration. Unlike batteries that supply long-term energy, supercapacitors supply a quick charge when needed to fill a momentary power deficiency.

Capacitors from IBS Electronics

Whether you need a WIMA plastic film capacitor, paper capacitor, or supercapacitor, IBS Electronics distributes a multitude of quality components. We operate offices and warehouses in the USA, Asia, and Europe with the ability to ship worldwide. With the best prices on the market, IBS Electronics is committed to providing original components. Contact us today for your procurement needs.




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