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World Products

World Products, Inc offers real solutions to manufacturing and supply line issues with an electronic component product offering that is synergistic and focused on the major markets it serves, including Automotive, Telecom, Industrial, Power Supply, Surge Suppression, Consumer and Wireless.

TVS Diodes

World Products Inc. is committed to providing the optimum products for your ESD and transient/surge protection problems. World Products’ TVS Diode satisfies the toughest requirements for a low clamping device and provides superior performance in all applications.

TVS Diodes have the fastest response time of protection components and are excellent for downstream, primary and/secondary protection.

World Products expands your options… Large selection of equivalents to essentially all TVS Diodes. World Products specifications are designed to provide all of the necessary physical and electrical parameters required for proper component selection.

Discover why the first choice in TVS Diodes is World Products Inc.


  • Wide Power Range: 400W to 30kW
  • Wide Voltage Range
  • Excellent, low clamping voltage characteristics
  • Very fast response times
  • Axial and SMD Packages
  • Low capacitance options available
  • Device rated to 20kA



World Products 1.5SMCJ100A
World Products 1.5SMCJ10A
World Products 1.5SMCJ120CA-F
World Products 1.5SMCJ130A
World Products 1.5SMCJ14CA
World Products 1.5SMCJ16A
World Products 1.5SMCJ18A
World Products 1.5SMCJ22CA-F

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