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Xenarc Technologies

Xenarc Technologies is the best small monitor and small touchscreen ruggedized solutions manufacturer. Xenarc Technologies has been producing the most ruggedized, innovative touchscreens since 2002, with clients’ applications in mind. From tough environments in mining and heavy machinery, to factory floors and fleets of trucks and buses, our displays have been utilized in almost every application imaginable. Water and dust proof, vibration and shock resistant, direct sunlight readability, there is nothing more anyone could ask from their interface screen. Optional USB touchscreen technology makes screens the perfect interface display. 20 years experience in screens for any application.

Xenarc Technologies Corporation was founded in 2002. The company’s line of business includes manufacturing computer terminals. Xenarc Technologies Corp. is one of the first LCD manufacturers to introduce a 7″ LCD monitor that utilizes a LED backlight system. The result is a monitor with less power consumption and a thinner profile.

Xenarc manufactures high quality competitively priced LCD monitors and Touch Screens size 7 inch to 15 inch with VGA, DVI, USB, or HDMI inputs. Xenarc offers both plug and play as well as open frame form factors. In addition, Xenarc carries a complete line of accessories to support their products such as lcd panels, touch panels, control boards, stands, and much more.

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