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Yageo / Jamicon

Jamicon offers a complete line up of aluminum electrolytics including Low Impedance, High Ripple, Long Life, High Temperature, General Purpose, Snap-in, Screw Terminal and many custom built to order values. Jamicon is one of the leading suppliers of aluminum electrolytics in the world. Manufacturing is located in China (Suzhou, Shenzhen), Taiwan and Malaysia.

For over 35 years the Jamicon branded products have consistently evolved to add new products and versions to meet ever changing customer demands. Their production operations have steadily modernized and added new capabilities to retain their position as a value leader in the industry. Through their total facilities, over 6.5 billion capacitors can be produced each year from their wide catalog of options and their capacity is growing each year. The facilities throughout Asia have allowed them to support regional demands and global needs.

Jamicon, a Kaimei Electronic Corp brand: Kaimei Electronic Corp. manufactures and markets electronic parts and computer peripheral equipment. The Company’s main products include aluminum electrolytic capacitors, cooling fans, central processing units (CPUs) and chip coolers, digital intelligent ballast, motherboards, aluminum foils for manufacturing capacitors, and direct current (DC) motor fans. The Kaimei Electronic Corp has multiple divisions producing Aluminum Electrolytic capacitors, AC/DC fans and lighting ballasts. Headquartered in Taiwan they have several production facilities throughout Asia. Jamicon is the brand name used for all products.

With 43 years of experience in the manufacture of electrolytic capacitors, and now as the operator of Taiwan’s largest capacitor and aluminum foil forming plants, Kaimei has surged ahead to become an outstanding leader in its field. Through years of experience and constant branding, Jamicon Corporation has reached to be one of the Top 500 companies in Taiwan.

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