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Yamaichi is a leading supplier of Test & Burn-in Sockets, connectors and interconnect systems where reliability and dependability are paramount to the overall project’s success. Yamaichi has rapidly achieved world class status as a manufacturer of high quality and reliable components for demanding applications in telecom infrastructure, automotive, industrial automation, cell phones, GPS systems, printers, digital cameras, camcorders, and a host of other consumer, industrial and electronic devices.



Yamaichi BECHS-0.5-230-S9-AF-REDC1
Yamaichi CA009-1203-001
Yamaichi CA009-1204-001
Yamaichi CA009-1310-001
Yamaichi CA009-1400-001
Yamaichi CF 050P2-103-00-DS
Yamaichi CF050P2-003-00-DS
Yamaichi CN074-170-0005

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