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AUK Connectors – Mechanical Components

AUK has 34 years of experience in providing industries with a wide range of connector, cable and metal stamping solutions.

AUK offers electrical connectors of high quality, including:
1394 Connectors
Adaptor Connectors
Centronic Connectors
DC Jack / Power Jack Connectors
Din/Mini Din Connectors
D-SUB Connectors
DVI / HDMI Connectors
EarPhone Jack Connectors
Memory Card / PCMCIA
Modular Plug&Jack
RCA Jack
RF / Micro Wave Connectors
SCSI/VHDCI Connector
Smart Card / SIM Card
USB / Mini USB

AUK Catalog

AUK Catalog- Input-Output
AUK Catalog- Board to Wire & Wire to Wire
AUK Catalog- Board to Board
AUK Catalog- Package to Board
AUK Catalog- Other Connectors

IBS Electronics is an Auk Connectors authorized distributor. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified distributor of electronic components, you can trust IBS Electronics to offer you the best prices on Auk Connectors and the highest level of quality assurance in the industry.