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Bomar Interconnect Products

Bomar Connectors
Bomar Interconnect Products, Inc is a leading global manufacturer of high quality, competitively priced, RF and modular connectors. Bomar Interconnect’s line of products includes audio / video connectors, RF adapters and connectors, and telecom connectors.

Bomar Interconnect is the choice for quality and innovation in RF connections for wireless, microwave and broadcast transmission. System integrators and cable assembly providers depend on the full range of Bomar cable connectors for dependability, ease of use and trouble-free installation. The full line of Bomar products includes all series of RF printed circuit board and cable connectors:

High Definition Broadcast Quality Connectors:

Subminiature RF / Microwave Connectors
Standard Adapters for Analog, Serial Digital & HDTV Applications
Modular PCB Jacks Category Five & Category Six Plugs, Including the patented EZ-RJ45 Connector Couplers, Adapters, and Much More

Winchester Electronics acquired Bomar Interconnect Products, Inc. on August 1, 2013.

Featured Products:

Bomar Interconnect Products, Inc

  • Bomar Plug & Removal Tool - EXPANSION

    Bomar Plug & Removal Tool – EXPANSION

    High Density BNC Plug is approximately 50% smaller than standard broadcast BNC connector to allow more cable connections to the same size PCB.

  • BNC E-Snap End Launch Jack

    BNC E-Snap End Launch Jack

    E-Snap design ensure devices snap firmly into solder-pasted holes as they are slid into the PCB, and provide the industry’s most durable mount to the …

  • Shadow™ High Definition RF BNC Connectors

    Shadow™ High Definition RF BNC Connectors

    High definition, fits all standard broadcast cables, standard tooling.

  • E-Snap Connectors

    E-Snap Connectors

    Firmly locks into place for reflow soldering with no adhesive requirement.