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R-Theta Thermal Solutions, Inc.

R-Theta Thermal Solutions, Inc. offers thermal solutions for the power electronics industry. The company offers air cooled heatsinks that include fabricated heatsink assembly, dual basepalltles, extrusions, and standard heatsinks; fabricated heatsink assembly; extrusions, which include standard stocked extrusions and tooled ectrusions; liquid cooled heatsinks that comprise standard cold plates and high performance colld plates; and standard heatsinks components, including capacitors, resistors, thermal pads, and solid states relays. It serves telecommunications, computers, industrial controls, power conversion, transportation, medical, alternative energy and aerospace markets. R-Theta Thermal Solutions, Inc. was formerly a subsidiary of Mersen SA and R-Theta Sales Inc. The company was founded in 1980 and is based in Mississauga, Canada. R-Theta Thermal Solutions, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Ferraz Shawmut, Inc.

Company Description

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R-Theta Inc. is a leading ISO 9001 manufacturer of high performance heatsinks serving the power semiconductor user industry. Products include an extensive line of patented innovative aluminum heatsinks that offer the highest thermal performance on the market. This is complemented with total application assistance, and value added services such as machining and helicoil insertion, or light assembly and kitting. The Company also offers innovative supply programs tailored to ensure 100% on-time delivery for a customer’s prototyping and production needs.

R-Theta is the only heat sink manufacturer that offers free thermal modelling of it’s products for power semiconductor users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the internet using R-Tools®.

The patented line of FABFIN heatsinks offers a solution that exceeds the limitations of extrusions or glued heatsinks. The mechanical process we use allows baseplate to fin height profiles that exceed 27:1, and offer a totally glue free product, fully tested to vibration exceeding any application need. The R-Theta liquid cooled AQUASINK offers even more heat dissipation capability using innovative liquid channel methods in aluminum cold plates.

R-Theta offers design services at all stages of a product cycle, including in-house thermal modeling of the application. The objective is to find a least cost thermal management solution for the customer.

The mission at R-Theta is to “provide defect free services on demand for the success of our customers”. It is as simple as that!!