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Transformers – Passive Components


Isolation Power transformers at 50/60 Hz :

Up to 3000 VA load capacity
Single phase
Standard EI or Toroidal core
Any primary or secondary voltage up to 600VAC
PC mount , chassis mount, Pins , leads , terminals.
Various approvals CSA/UL/CE

Auto Power transformer at 50/60 Hz :

Up to 6000 VA load capacity
Single phase
Standard EI or Toroidal core
PC mount , chassis mount. Pins , leads , terminals.

Class 2 Power transformers at 50/60 Hz :

Typically up to 75 VA (100VA Max)
Full certified or Component approval
Chassis or PCB mount.

Inductors and reactors:

Up to 200 Henrys inductance
Maximum current 150 ADC

International line adjust transformers:

Up to 2000 VA
Isolation or Auto transformer (buck / boost)
Hard wired or plug in connections

Audio transformers (impedance matching):

Up to 200 watts
Up to 10K ohm impedances.
Frequency response 20Hz. to 20 KHz.
Various source connections
Encapsulated, Shielded can or open construction.

High voltage transformers:

Voltages up to 5KV
Up to 1KVA

Current transformers:

Chassis mount up to 1200 A rms to 5 A ratios
PC mount up to 20 A
Accuracy to 0.5 %

Potential transformers:

Voltage sensing accuracy to 0.50% with isolation
Up to 200VA and 600 VAC windings