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San-O Industrial – SOC Fuse Company

soc fuse
For over 50 years, SOC has continuously responded to the requests of its customers at the forefront of technological innovation. SOC manufactures and delivers fuses and other electronic circuit protection devices of the highest quality and best performance.

San-O Industrial Corporation was established by SOC Corporation, in 1977 to serve customers in North America. It’s facility has always been located in Long Island, New York, and initially provided only products manufactured at other worldwide locations. In 1981 San-O Industrial began manufacture of fuses for the telecommunications market and we have continued to grow over the years. Parent company, SOC Corporation, was founded in 1958, in Japan. San-O Industrial specializes in small fuses and fuse holders used for the electronics industry.

San-O Industrial – SOC Fuse Products

OC Fuse include Surface Mount Fuses, Standard Cartridge & Leaded Fuses, and Telecommunication Fuses.