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Signal Transformer

Signal Transformer
Signal Transformer, a division of Bel Fuse Inc., is a global leader in custom design and manufacturing of linear transformers and SMD inductors. Signal Transformer has over 50 years of manufacturing transformers, chokes, inductors and custom or modified standard products,

Signal Transformer offers a comprehensive line of world-class, off-the-shelf transformers, components, and inductors. We lead the 50-60 Hz transformer market in terms of sales, breadth of line, and inventory. Choose from printed-circuit (PC) and chassis-mount versions in a wide variety of domestic and international configurations. If you need a custom design, we’ll help identify your requirements and develop the magnetics to meet your specific needs.

Signal Transformer maintains an extensive stock of standard “off the shelf” products but there will always be specific applications that require either a product modification or a custom design. Signal prides itself on its prowess in dealing with these situations by creating wire-wound, magnetic solutions defined by customers’ needs. In fact, this ability to innovate and work with with customers’ engineering groups has helped define Signal’s customer sensitivity for over half a century. Taking the time to thoroughly understand a customer’s needs and maintaining a dialog with their technical staff helps move things along. To further accelerate project completion, Signal also offers ongoing guidance on the agency certification process for newly developed designs. Bottom line….by choosing Signal Transformer, you are assured to minimize “time to market”.

Printed-Circuit Mount: Ideal for a multitude of board-level power applications. Available in low-power/height-critical, split-bobbin, miniature, inherently/non-inherently limited, and triple-output versions.

Chassis Mount: Easy-to-use transformers offering economical, yet safe and effective packaging. Available in split-bobbin, inherently/non-inherently limited, and triple-output versions, and in power ranges from 2.4 VA to 3500 VA. UL, VDE, and CSA certified.
Supplemental Magnetics: Our conventional, rectifier power transformers, filter and dual chokes, step-up/step-down power isolation magnetics, and step-down auto transformers provide convenient adaptability with worldwide applications.